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CODEMA Systems Group


CODEMA Systems Group is the holding company of HAWEWEVAB, B-E De LierSDF, and SDF-Effice. With more than 50 years experience, it is the worldwide market leader in offering innovative logistic systems, management and control software, and (customized) products and solutions for the horticulture industry.


Customized Solutions
We provide customised solutions to the growers based on their plant type, farm size, production capacity, resource availability and other specific needs and demands. CODEMA has a wide portfolio of customised solutions ranging from simple manual to hi-tech fully automated solutions.

Cost Reduction
Our custom designed logistic systems help reduce the production and cultivation costs. Our solutions significantly reduce energy and water consumption for cultivation. Costs due to error loss is avoided by reducing dependency on manual labour.

Increased Production
Increase the production capacity of greenhouses by better management of space and logistics.

Total Control
We provide solutions which are inline with the future growth strategies of our clients. Our solution gives complete control on the cultivation process, thus allowing our clients to plan their production well in advance to enjoy a leading edge in the competitive market.

Assured Quality
CODEMA has become a synonym for high quality products and services in the horticulture industry around the world.