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B-E De Lier is one of the holding companies of CODEMA Systems Group. It was established in the year 1959 in De Lier, The Netherlands. It has more than 50 years of experience in offering wide range of high quality products and solutions for the horticulture industry. Its products and solutions can be broadly classifies under the following categories:

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water treatment
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Electro Technology
  • Service

B-E De Lier has 4 offices in Europe, two of them are located in the Netherlands, and two located in Germany and Belgium.


Water Technology
Since its establishment, B-E De Lier has built a strong reputation for its unmatched strength in designing, engineering and installation of irrigation systems. The company has been customized designing irrigation systems for growing pot plants, cut flowers, vegetables, chicory in water, young plants and seedlings etc for both greenhouse and open field cultivation. The irrigation solutions offered by B-E De Lier are mainly:

  • Dripping Systems
  • Ebb-Flow Systems
  • Raining Sprinklers Systems
  • Misting & Fogging Systems
  • NFT Systems
  • Water Storage Tanks