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HAWE Solutions
The internal logistics solutions for greenhouses and open farms from HAWE helps the growers to significantly increases their productivity and accelerate the production process. It also relieves the growers of high labor costs.

Crop transport, materials handling, and labour intensive tasks are necessary activities within all controlled environment plant production systems (CEPPS). Management of materials and resources are critical for plant cultivation (ex. transplanting, harvesting, watering etc.).

Almost every phase of plant cultivation requires transport of materials or movement of labour force. Therefore, horticulture industry around the world has recognised the added value of adopting HAWE solutions which integrates transportation and robotic capabilities, which greatly enhance the efforts of the manager and the overall production system performance.


The core value of HAWE solutions

  • Less energy usage
  • Less labour costs
  • Less error rate
  • Stronger Plugs
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Higher Yield

Various Solutions
We thoroughly understand the needs of the crops and the demands of the grower and hence offer the most suitable and customised solutions for each of our clients. Our solutions use a wide range of manual or mechanized processes (mechanization) to flexible automation processes (robotics) or a combination of both to support different types of operations in a typical greenhouse. We ensure that the right kind of technology and process are selected for each of our client to ensure economic viability on a long run.


HAWE can offer you the following logistic solutions:

  • Manual Mechanised Solutions
  • Semi Automatic Solutions
  • Full Automatic solutions