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WEVAB Solutions
WEVAB specializes in designing and manufacturing of presentation tools, transport tools like conveyor belt and roller conveyor, and numerous customised products according to market needs in horticulture sector. WEVAB solutions are highly sought after by the horticulture and floriculture retail segment and garden centres in Europe.

Presentation Tools
The standard presentation tables for garden centres form the basis of the WEVAB product range, but the overall package covers almost all the needs of garden centres. Photo card holders, potting tables and worktables, cup tables, folding tables, sixsided tables are other examples of WEVAB’s products. As the market leader in the Netherlands, WEVAB offers extensive range of presentation tools. According to the clients’ demands, WEVAB has designed and developed several new innovative concepts andpresentation tables to enhance quality of flower exhibition in the flower shops and gardens.

New Modular Design Concepts
WEVAB has been closely watching the market trends, needs and demands of the horticulture sector. In response, WEVAB has developed a new generation of modular presentation tables to its existing wide product portfolio.These new modular presentation tables provide high flexibility and control enabling easy customization of the garden centers according to the clients needs and taste.These new modular presentation tables have card holders and price taggers can be attached together without any welding.